Saffron Flower

Saffron is a precious plant known as the most expensive spice in the world and is what Safranbolu took its name from. Saffron can turn hundred thousand times its own weight of liquid to yellow. It is used in pharmaceutics, food industry, cosmetics and industry. Half kilo saffron is obtained from 80 thousand flowers.

Only the fibers at the middle are used as product. Its price is equivalent to gold due to the care and effort it requires.


Safranbolu Bükmesi

A local salty pastry. The filling consisting of sautéed minced meat, chopped onions, spinach or chard and black pepper is prepared at home then taken to bakeries where it is cooked on top of a flat bread dough and brushed with butter once out of the oven. Typically served with cornelian cherry 'sherbet' (sweeter and denser than juice). Bükme is a must of week-end treats in Safranbolu which is well known for its pastry culture.

Bükme is also prepared at funerals by friends of the family who suffers a lost and during 'mevlits' (islamic memorial ceremonies) and served with 'ayran'.


Safranbolu Delight

Safranbolu is famous for its delights as much as for its houses. Safranbolu delights have geographical indication documentary and are produced conforming the standards. Safranbolu delights are different from typical Turkish delights by being less sweet.

They don't leave a sugary taste in the mouth; the most common flavors are saffron, twice roasted pistachios, rose, plain, mastic and coconut.


Piruhi (Peruhi)

Pirohi /piruhi/piruşki is a Russian word. It is a variety of 'mantı' (homemade pasta stuffed with minced meat) and is also found in Ottoman cuisine. The Ottoman Sadrazam Mehmet Kamil Paşa mentions piruhi as pirohi in his book about nineteenth century food.

Piruhi's trick lies on the dough; it must be left to rest for one hour in the refrigerator and be rolled very thinly.


Cevizli Çörek (Walnut pastry)

Another masterpiece of Safranbolu's breakfasts.Also served with 'keşkek' (typical dish of mutton or chicken and coarsely ground wheat) during bairams.

Walnuts are ground in a mortar, a yeasted dough is prepared and the wood oven is fired up.


Zerde with Saffron

Primarily known as a mourning dish, Zerde with Saffron took its name from the region and started to also be served at special occasions like weddings and circumcisions. It is one of the essential dishes we inherited from ottoman cuisine.

Zerde with saffron is a typical dessert, similar to a rice pudding, and can be served warm or cold after being cooked.


Bağlar Gazozu

Poduced since 1936, Bağlar soda pop is indispensable for whom has grown in Safranbolu. It is one of the rare sodas prepared with beet sugar in Turkey and has no additive at all.

Bağlar Soda Factory is a family business and has been run by 3 generations so far.


Cimitsiz Simit

'Cimit' means sesame in Safranbolu region and simit is a typical salty pastry in form of ring. This simit, especially famous in Rize and Kastamonu regions, is most commonly eaten after dipping in tea. Once at Safranbolu, enjoy your breakfast with some 'cimitli' (with sesame) or 'cimitsiz' (without sesame) simit.

Old Bazaar's bakeries usually have night shifts to make sure simits are ready for breakfast.


Cornelian Cherry Sherbet (Kızılcık / Kiren Şerbeti)

Coming from the dogwood family Cornaceae, cornelian cherry plant's flowers, leaves and stem are all full of remedy. The fruit's local name is 'Kiren'. Sherbet is a sort of juice, sweeter and denser than a regular fruit juice.

You'll be amazed by both its color and its taste. This sherbet's benefits to your health are countless.