Our House

A fresh breeze will welcome you the moment you enter from Antep Street and see our meticulously designed garden. Distinct flowers blossom each season as if they were competing with the magnolias, the redbuds and the fruit trees.

Happiness surrounds you while you enter to the patio. Especially if the weather is good and the two main doors are wide open, you will feel like in wonderland passing from one door to the other.

The patio is a recreation space for our guests and is where breakfasts are taken on winter time. The sofa, the table, the armchairs and the chairs were all specially designed to match with the house’s stone and wooden structure.

Climbing up the stairs to the first floor, the warmth of the wood willreconfort your soul while the craftwork rugs muffle the sounds. The modest furnishing of the anteroom at the entrance of the floor will invite you to some causerie.

One of our suites is here, at the right, separated with a special compartment. Once you close the door, it’s like an independent apartment. The rooms are furnished with the same spirit but they all differ with some thoughtful details.

Colorful lights reflecting from the second floor’s bay window will invite you to the stairs once again. The ceiling’s skillful workmanship is fascinating. Again at the right, separated with a compartment, is our second suite.

All floorings, ceilings and doors have been maintained in their original state. As for the numerous windows catching sun and light from all sides, they have been restored faithfully to their original. All this presentation is only to give you a slight idea of our house. How could we express the joy you will feel being there?